Who’s On Tour In 2011


The Women’s Top 16 have been compiled and are awaiting the addition of the injury wildcard. Looking at last year’s results, Jessi Miley-Dyer has the best shot, with Amee Donohoe and Lee Ann Curren also possibilities.

Not much changed in 2010 for the women—in fact things really haven’t changed since Steph Gilmore won her first title in 2007. She continues to dominate, and really the story is whether girls like Carissa, Sally, Coco, and Tyler can actually dethrone the Queen.

Here’s the top 16 with a quick rundown on each.

1. Stephanie Gilmore: Can anyone challenge Steph? See below.

2. Sally Fitzgibbons: Sally put up three runner-up finishes this year. Expect to see more of the same in 2011, with a climb up that podium for at least one.

3. Carissa Moore: There are two girls who can challenge Steph’s dominance and Carissa is one of them.

4. Silvana Lima: If Steph Gilmore was never born Silvana would have been World Champ by now.

5. Sofia Mulanovich: Will her savvy competitive skills, Sofia can win heats but winning events could prove challenging.

6. Chelsea Hedges: Ripping goofyfoot, we heard on the rumor mill she might retire.

7. Coco Ho: Our favorite surfer girl. Yeah we’re biased, sue us.

8. Melanie Bartels: Under the radar Hawaiian ripper—needs to do more airs like she used too.

9. Paige Hareb: Cute Kiwi who will excel in the bigger stuff.

10. Rebecca Woods: Needs big wave venues to make more of an impact.

11. Laura Enever: Australian firecracker will be bringing the heat and flair to the tour this year.

12. Tyler Wright: After an incredible performance in Hawaii this year, Tyler Wright has the skills to dethrone Steph Gilmore.

13. Courtney Conlogue: We reckon she’ll be competitive this year but not quite there for a World Title contender, yet.

14. Jacqueline Silva: Veteran Brazilian lets the competition make the mistakes.

15. Pauline Ado: More French people on the tour means more culture and better food.

16. Alana Blanchard: Alana is always fun to watch

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