Bruce Irons Lands The Cover Of The New Issue Of TransWorld SURF

The story behind the cover…

“I got you a cover,” Bruce said to me bluntly over the phone. “When you see it, you’ll shit yourself. It’s one of the sickest photos I’ve ever gotten and if you don’t put it on the cover of TransWorld I’m gonna come over there and burn the building down.”

That was the first thing I heard about the photo we put on this months’ cover. Of course Bruce wasn’t going to burn the office down, but he was about as psyched as I’ve ever heard him on a photo, so I knew it must be good.

We got in touch with the photographer, Ryan Alley, and it was obvious that he knew he had something special on his hands. “Bruce told me that this photo is the best one he’s ever gotten,” said Ryan.

That’s when the negotiations began. Basically, the photographer knew he had gold on his hands, and so did we. It’s kind of like when a super-weapon is discovered. We (TransWorld SURF) knew about it, and we had to have it. Plus, we couldn’t let it fall into the hands of the bad guys (Surfer or Surfing), ’cause they would have just used it for evil. After a few back-and-forths between both parties, it was decided that we would use the photo on the cover and as a bonus, Bruce was no longer going to burn our office down.

“That was one of the best barrels of my life,” Bruce says. “I just remember going so fast and pumping on this huge wall. The thing just sucked me in and spit me out like a big Backdoor wave but over sand—I could feel the sand being sucked up the face when I was riding out of this thing. It was by far the best barrel I’ve ever gotten in [blank].—Chris Coté

The video behind the cover…


TransWorld SURF January 2011 Features

Blood Brothers
Join us as we investigate what characteristics make for a good travel buddy. Our subjects are two hard-charging freaks that are unorganized, unprepared, and unafraid of any aquatic challenge in their path, Nathan Fletcher and Bruce Irons.
J.O.B. Drops The Hammer

Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the best surf movie we’ve seen all year; Who Is J.O.B.
2010 ESA Easterns

The East Coast is ripe with talent, and we got the scoop at the year’s biggest East Coast comp.


Naked surf girls, and of course, some jailhouse rock.
Ask The Expert

Does skating help surfing? Eric Geiselman says, yes.
Check Out

Taylor Knox’s little buddy, Taylor Clarke.
True Stories

Josh Mulcoy scorpions himself and nearly snaps.

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