2010 ESA Easterns Preview

Boys’ Contenders

Cam Richards

Cam Richards. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Cam Richards. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Birthday: September 24, 1995
Hometown: Surfside Beach, South Carolina
ESA District: Northern South Carolina (NSC)
Highlights: First, Boys’ 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regionals; First, Boys’ 2009 ESA Easterns; ESA Allstar
The Lowdown: Since Cam Richards first started turning heads he’s always been stylish. When he’s on his game he stays calm and collected in any and every heat, applying his suave rail turns and serene tail-high antics to a contest-winning strategy. Last year at the lighthouse Cam’s surfing improved with every heat, and it was obvious that he was just having fun linking the lefts off the Hatteras groin.

Being the defending Boys champ can put a lot of pressure to repeat in Hatteras the following year, but Cam’s not feeling any of it. “I just want to do the same thing I did last year—win,” Cam says slyly while not revealing any of his secrets to success. Whatever he did last year worked, so don’t be surprised to see him repeat in 2010.

Corey Howell

Corey Howell. Photo: Steindler

Corey Howell. Photo: Steindler

Birthday: November 10, 1995
Hometown: Melbourne, Florida
ESA District: Central Florida (CFL)
Highlights: First, Boys’ 2010 Southeast Regionals; Second, Boys’ 2009 Easterns; First in Boys’ and Junior’s 2010 Ron Jon Easter Festival; ESA Allstar
The Lowdown: The gangly goofy-foot has been earning his Right Coast stripes over the last few years, and after an impressive performance at the Ron Jon Easter Festival where he not only won boys, but went ahead and helped himself to a win in the juniors’ division as well, he earned his next belt.

When it comes to the Boys’ title at Easterns, if all goes to script it’s going to be a battle royal between Corey and Cam Richards. Though Cam got the win last year, Corey has returned the favor a few times this year. His contest strategy and small-wave acts are typically tight, and he’s been working on adding more power and spray to his game, which he’ll need to activate at Easterns in order to best Richards. Either way, it’ll be an exciting matchup to watch.

Sam Duggan

Sam Duggan. Photo: Duggan

Sam Duggan. Photo: Duggan

Birthday: August 25, 1995
Hometown: Merritt Island, Florida
ESA District: Central Florida (CFL)
Highlights: Third, Boys’ 2010 Southeast Regionals; First, Boys’ 2010 East Coast Scholastics; ESA Allstar
The Lowdown: Most surfers would cite their forehand attack as their strong point. Not so for Sam Duggan—he cites his backhand attack as his major strength. Being a regular-foot, that means those long lefts running off the Hatteras groin will play well into his strength.

But don’t pin him down as only a backside surfer. Being from Florida, he’s developing an aerial assault one would come to expect from any Sunshine State grom that spends a good amount of time in the water. Those tougher maneuvers are what can help someone with his backhand skills really break through, and that’s exactly why Sam’s been working on higher-difficulty stuff.

Mixing in the whole repertoire during a heat is the crucial part for Sam, and he knows if he can do that he’s got a chance: “On any given day, anyone can win.”

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