Jersey Bros: The Film : Trailer 1.0

Jersey Bros: A Surfing Life and the South Jersey Stoke is a documentary about the Jersey surf culture. It doesn’t have the swagger of New York, the easy confidence of California, or the timeless spirit of Hawaii. This is New Jersey, the Garden State, a state of consciousness.

This is a film about the stoke that can only be found in surfers ‘who bear the coolness of the forever uncool.’ It’s about surfers you’ve never heard of, who don’t surf to live, but live to surf.

They are painters, engineers, doctors, lawyers and fisherman. They wake early in the morning, don their wetsuits, and enter the cold Atlantic ocean in search of the indescribable feeling of riding raw energy. They surf because they are stoked, and the act of riding waves is a blessed, spiritual thing.

This is a film about passion. It’s about sacrifice. But mostly, it’s about surfers, in all their flawed humanity.