Stephanie Gilmore Lands The Cover Of TransWorld SURF

Stephanie Gilmore Becomes The First Female To Land The Cover Of TransWorld SURF; Here Are Her Thoughts On The Feat…

TransWorld SURF: How does it feel to be the first girl we’ve ever put on the cover of the magazine?

Stephanie Gilmore: Thanks guys! Feels fabulous. It’s definitely something that every surfer has on his or her dream list… wicked, thanks again!

In three words, describe the current state of women’s surfing.

Fresh. Gorgeous. Valuable.

How come we don’t see more female surfers on the cover of major surf magazines?

I feel like the cover of surf magazines go through trends like “giant waves” or “slabs” or “death tubes” to “big airs” or “even bigger airs” and if your shot doesn’t fit into the current flavor then it won’t run, or maybe there aren’t enough girls out there searching for those particular conditions that are “cover worthy”? I’m not sure, but I think in the near future there will be an abundance of quality images of the girls making it to the male magazines.

Who do you see as the biggest threats to your World Title aspirations?

Most of the girls in the top ten, as well as my interests outside of surfing.

What’s the major difference between men’s surfing and that of women?

Not a big fan of comparing the two but all girls will admit to being inspired by the top guys… I think the biggest difference is the way the top guys can adapt and perform the same progressive maneuvers in big powerful waves as they do so amazingly well in smaller stuff.

Where was this photo taken?
This shot was taken in Pacific Palms, NSW coast, about four hours north of Sydney—the photographer, Bosko, is effing hilarious!

When can we take you on a date?

When Dane Reynolds wins a world title.

Thanks Steph! Hey Dane, get your ass in gear buddy, we need this date!

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