Kandui Chronicles: Dispatches From The Mentawais

Day 1 of the Billabong Surf With A Pro trip to Kandui Resort in the Mentawais

I'm sorry we had to kill a few of you, but damn you were tasty. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

I'm sorry we had to kill a few of you, but damn you were tasty. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

We finally made it! You really gotta earn it when it comes to making the trek to Kandui Resort off the coast of Sumtara, Indonesia. We left Los Angeles Thursday afternoon, landed in Japan Friday evening after crossing the international date line, headed south down to Singapore (another seven hour flight), went to the chaotic Jakarta airport to catch a flight to Padang, Sumatra (the same city that got leveled by an earthquake last September), then got on speedboats to make the 66-mile crossing to the Kandui Resort in the Mentawais. Bad weather derailed the speedboat plan and we spent the night on some random little island resort an hour from Padang. Finally, the next morning the seas had clamed and we blasted off to Kandui. Like I said, it’s a mission—but worth every minute of it once you’re here.

On day one there was no rest—we were straight into it. The crew of surfers are from Billabong’s ‘Surf With A Pro” program and are a really cool bunch of people from all walks of life; we’ve got a few stock traders, a lawyer, a ripping mother daughter combo, and a bunch of other cool dudes who are all super stoked to be on a surf trip with Billabong riders Donovan Frankenreiter and Dave Rastovich.

Some of the crew surfed Burgerworld (a fun yet aptly named right 30-minutes from here by boat) yesterday, but I was over another boat ride and went spearfishing with one of the camp guides, TJ Saeman. TJ slayed it, nailing two 25-lb “Sweet Lips” grouper kind of fish and a nice snapper. I shot a kala that we used to chum but that was the extent of my luck. After that a few of us tried our luck at 4 Bobs on a few alaias Rasta shaped here last year; it was a total shit show. Before you knock anyone for riding one of those have a go yourself first, it’s nearly impossible!

The evening was spent playing name that tune with Donovan (of course Bielmann won) and drinking cold Bintangs while getting to know the others on the trip.

With some solid swell on the charts, the group is psyching, and with Donovan and Rasta leading the charge, our fingers are crossed for an epic trip!

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