Kandui Chronicles: Dispatches From The Mentawais

Catch of the day at Kandui! Photo: Hilton Dawe

Catch of the day at Kandui! Photo: Hilton Dawe

Day 4 of the Billabong Surf With A Pro trip to Kandui: Lay Day In Paradise

After a really fun surf last night at Rifles, the swell has dropped off here today at Kandui. If this was a contest, we’d call it a “lay day.” Everyone’s lounging around watching movies, taking naps, reading books, and generally settling into a wonderfully slow pace of life. There was zero wind today and seeing as how we’re only one degree off the equator, it’s hotter than hell—the perfect tonic for someone coming from “May Gray” syndrome in SoCal.

A few of the crew went out in search of surf, but came back dry—the only spot worth a surf was Burgerworld and after seeing few charter boats headed that way, they came “home” to surf old faithful, aka, Four Bobs, on alaias, SUPs, and longboards. Donavon rallied the troops with a, “Let’s go, Alaia only session!” battle cry, and off they were for some sliding. Not too many Rasta sightings today, I think the lad was a bit hungover after closing down the Kandui bar with yours truly. He may surf 1,000 times better than myself, but he’s no match for me at the bar.

I went for a dive off the reef at Rifles and shot a nice little “Sweet Lips” fish in about 25-feet of ultra clear water. There were all kinds of fish out there, thanks to Kandui surf guide TJ Saeman for showing me the spot! There’s been some good, long period swell spotted on the charts, and if our luck holds up, we’ll be putting in marathon tube fest sessions the last couple days of our trip. Is it too early for a Bintang? Of course not!

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