“The Ultimate Surf Travel Network”

Antidote Travel launches “The Ultimate Surf Travel Network”


Antidote Travel is pleased to announce the future of surf travel with the creation of “The Ultimate Surf Travel Network”. Over the past year, Antidote Travel has worked in conjunction with the premium surf resorts, surf charter boats, and residences to develop the most comprehensive surf travel network on the planet.  This network includes iconic destinations like Kandui Resort in the Mentawai Islands, Resort Latitude Zero in the Telo Islands, and the world famous Tavarua Resort in Fiji. It also includes the world’s finest surf charter operation, Indies Trader, as well as a variety of resort and charter boat options in the Maldives in partnership with Tropicsurf, based out of Australia.

Antidote Travel’s core philosophy is to travel during each destination’s prime swell and weather window to ensure the highest quality adventure possible. We offer a variety of proven destinations and a number of trips off the beaten path – all based on a surf travel network model to encourage open communication and discussion among our members.

Antidote Travel creates events that expand beyond the stereotypical surf trip. Utilizing a balance of great destinations and a team of experts to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch we strive to make booking a spot in one of our “Events” as quick and painless as possible while delivering a first-class experience every step of the way.

Our experts take the guesswork out of your adventure and provide a tremendous source of knowledge and information. Their fundamental duty is to provide that extra layer of support and expertise you demand for each destination or event we cover. In simplest terms, our experts bring you to surfing’s most intriguing places to share their stoke. Besides offering a number of pre-planned events we can also coordinate and customize the surf trip you want to take with the “Expert” of your choice. Imagine getting surf coaching from Brad Gerlach while Jeff Divine shoots photos from the beach… anything is possible! Having an “Expert” on your trip is the ultimate way to travel, find the best waves, and maximize your valuable vacation time.

For more information about Antidote Travel please visit our website at www.antidotetravel.com

About Antidote Travel
The people behind Antidote Travel include Anthony Marcotti, Dave Collyer, and Jeff Samuelson. Anthony is one of the founders of Kandui Resort in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia and manages all of the Indies Trader surf charter bookings exclusively for Captain Martin Daly. Anthony created Antidote Travel to establish a surf travel hub offering unique surf trips and special events all over the world for people looking to maximize their valuable vacation time. He oversees all of the day to day operations, marketing, and web development for Antidote Travel. Dave Collyer is one of the original pioneers in Indonesian surf photography. His first trip to Indonesia was back in 1993. Since then he has travelled extensively in the archipelago and even lived in Bali for several years. He went on his first Mentawai trip a decade ago and was hooked. Dave helped create guest photography services in the Mentawais and around the world. He brings a huge range of equipment and the expertise to use all of it in the right situation. Dave manages our “Experts” focusing primarily on his area of expertise, Photography! Jeff Samuelson specializes in airline tickets for surfers all over the world. Based in his office in San Clemente, California, Jeff has teamed up with Antidote Travel to help coordinate all of our flight arrangements for all of our destinations and events!

Website: http://www.antidotetravel.com
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