2010 Down Under Diaries

Down Under Diaries: Day 1 of the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

After a 13-hour flight across the big pond (thank you Zanex), TransWorld SURF has arrived on the Gold Coast for the 2010 ASP World Tour season opening event, the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. We landed in Brisbane at 7:30am and by 10, we were checked into our new digs at a place called “Komune” right across the street from Greenmount Point and a block away from the event site.

After a quick feed and a couple pints at the Snapper Pub (which overlooks the contest) I got a surf in at the edge of the contest site. A strong current kept the crowd at bay, and I got a few fun ones in between rainsqualls.

While we missed Kelly’s early heat, I heard he absolutely smashed it amassing 17.77 points out of 20. Big surprise there…

Congrats to Huntington Beach’s Brett Simpson, who in his maiden ASP World Tour heat, beat Dane Reynolds and Roy Powers.

Day 1 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast highlights above.

Mick Fanning looked rock solid in his 2010 debut and the crowd in the Snapper Rocks pub went nuts for his each and every move. Frankly I was enjoying a fine Aussie ale and only saw the back of some bogan’s (a new Aussie term I just picked up) head. No worries though, I’m quite sure White Lightning will be back in a singlet soon…

2010 Rookie Dusty Payne from Maui also enjoyed his WCT premiere and despite breaking his board (no idea how he did that at two-foot Snapper) on one of his first waves, won his round one heat over Drew Courtney and Jordy Smith.

It seems like every pro surfer you’ve ever heard of is here in the little town of Coolangatta. In the span of a few hours today I ran into Coco and Mike Ho, Parko, Fanning, Ace, Taj, Bede, Slater, and a slew of others.

On a non-contest note, the crew did manage to squeeze in several surfs today at Snapper. I’ll you the secret to beating the crowd out there: pick out an 8-year old girl, sit right next to her, and paddle battle the hell out of that little heathen—pull her leash if you have to (Dingo taught me that one). Anyway, the jet lag and Victoria Bitter’s are kickin’ in so it’s lights out until tomorrow.—Justin Cote

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