Happy Hollow Days From Cali Photo Gallery


A clean up set at Mavericks scatters the crowd. Not a lot of duckdiving going down on 9′+ surfboards. Photo: jackenglish.com

Pat Gudauskas At Mavericks

Party wave at Mavericks with Rusty and Greg Long. Photo: jackenglish.com

Pat Gudauskas Mavericks Wipeout

2010 ASP World Championship Tour rookie Pat Gudauskas and amigo go for a wedging peak at Mavericks…see photo below for the resulting carnage. Photo: jackenglish.com

Pat Gudauskas Mavericks Wipeout

Note the extension of the dude’s leash who took off behind Pat Gudauskas. Photo: jackeenglish.com


Taking off under the lip on a twenty footer takes more than balls, it takes sheer determination. Ken “Skindog” Collins at Mavericks. Photo: jackenglish.com

Joel Tudor

Joel Tudor prowling the bowl at one of his beloved San Diego spots. Photo: jackenglish.com

San Diego

Poor man’s Pipeline in San Diego with local boy “Joe Joe”. Photo: jackenglish.com

Taylor Knox

Home for the holidays, WCT veteran Taylor Knox ripped all over north San Diego county including this session at Tamarack. Photo: jackenglish.com

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