The Top 10 Stories Of 2009

9-Time ASP World Champion and "Rebel Tour" proponent Kelly Slater. Photo:

9-Time ASP World Champion and "Rebel Tour" proponent Kelly Slater. Photo:

The “Rebel Tour”

It’s on, it’s dead, it never died but we can’t talk about it. Technically, this isn’t a story because there are no facts since no one involved is allowed to talk about it—so it’s all just rumors and hearsay. Something about ESPN coverage, more money, less events, less surfers, and of course, Kelly Slater. And apparently former boxing promoter Matt Tinsley is playing ringleader in all this.

One thing is certain though: after all these years Kelly Slater is getting bored with the ASP World Tour. And when Kelly gets bored, it becomes known. The news of a “Rebel Tour” first broke after meetings were held during this year’s Billabong Pro at Jeffrey’s Bay and immediately the internet buzzed, labeling it a ‘rebellious’ act in creating a dilemma of official future World Champs. Throughout the summer it felt like progress was being made on the new tour, but evidence pointed to the contrary. As we usher in 2010 we’re seemingly at the same point with it and some of the world’s best surfers, like Mick Fanning and Parko, have already come out and said they are committed to the ASP World Tour for 2010. It remains to be seen where Slater stands but to the best of our knowledge, he has yet to commit to anything in 2010.—Ryan Brower

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