The Top 10 Stories Of 2009

Supertubes in Portugal will paly host to another WCT stop in 2010. Photo:

Supertubes in Portugal will paly host to another WCT stop in 2010. Photo:

ASP World Tour revisions

Fueled by whispers of a competing tour and prolonged frustrations with underpayment and a watering down of eliteness, the ASP has set in motion some noteworthy revisions for 2010 and beyond.

First off, a one world ranking system. Think tennis. A surfer’s rank will follow him further, not just restart at the end of a year. This ultimately makes it easier for World Qualifying Series (WQS) surfers to get slots into World Championship Tour (WCT) events and it will shuffle the playing field throughout the year. This also includes shrinking the World Tour halfway through the year from the 45 to the top 32, letting the cream of the crop shine brighter.

More loot. An increase in base prize money for every ASP World event from $340k to an even $400k. Surfer’s have long been underpaid compared to other world-class athletes, and this is a step in the right direction. Along with this comes an increase in surfer’s benefits, including full health care and a pension plan.

Goodbye Mundaka, hello Supertubos. 2010’s World Tour schedule has also received a facelift. Supertubos in Portugal will now take over as the second part of the Euro leg duo, meaning Mundaka and the World Tour are ending their love-hate relationship. Was it a Brazo’s victory, Chas Smith’s deviating internet coverage from the event, or was it simply the spit in the face that Mundaka handed out by going all-time only days after the completion of the event?—Ryan Brower

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