TransWorld SURF’s Year In Covers: 2009

We know, it’s only October, but for reasons I can’t explain, most surf magazines date their issues a couple months ahead. For instance, subscribers are getting the December 2009 issue of TransWorld SURF before Halloween. With that said, it’s been a monumental year for us here; we’re growing in a shit economy, Web numbers continue to climb, and we get better looking everyday.

Okay, maybe only two of those are true.

Anyway, here are the 12 covers we’ve done this year—love ‘em or hate ‘em, here they are.

Which one was your favorite? Why? Best (meaning well thought out, funny, or just plain spot on) comment wins a Sticky Bumps care package (Tour Series day bag, hat, traction pad, tee shirt, etc.) that’s been sitting in my office for two months… Don’t sugarcoat anything, like water off a duck’s back, we can take it.—JC

Kelly Slater, Kandui.

Kelly Slater, Kandui. Photo: Pat Stacy
Slater made this month’s cover pick easy after winning his record 9th ASP World Title. It didn’t hurt that we were sitting on a ton of Kelly photos from the Andy Irons/Slater super trip to Kandui Resort in the Mentawais.

Dane Reynolds, Bali.

Dane Reynolds, Bali. Photo: Damea Dorsey
Dane at Canggu on the island of Bali. You pretty much can’t go wrong with putting a surfing superstar on the cover. On a sidenote, the new ASP format was explained in this issue…six months later we finally get it.

Cory Lopez, Pipeline.

Cory Lopez, Pipeline. Photo: Seth Stafford
After an amazing run of macking Pipeline last December, we were sitting on choke Pipe shots. The dealmaker on this was Cory’s soul arch in the face of death from an angle most would never see in their lifetime.

Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Mentawais.

Kelly Slater and Andy Irons. Photos: Pat Stacy
How do you highlight the biggest surf trip in the history of TransWorld SURF? Put both of the stars on the marquee. That way there are no hurt feelings either…

Pat Gudauskas, Backdoor Pipeline.

Pat Gudauskas, Backdoor Pipeline. Photo: Dave “Nelly” Nelson.
The most controversial issue of the year. We got a lot of hate mail for our first ever Buyers Guide, but according to the stats it sold really well. What to do next? Welcome to our world…

Joel Parkinson Alana Blanchard.

Alana Blanchard/Joel Parkinson. Photos: Bielmann and Jones
Alana Blanchard’s first cover! And oh yeah, Parko’s on there too… This is our annual Who’s Now/Who’s Next issue where we call out the best 20 and under surfers in the world. Alana’s photos were so hot!

Kai Barger, Hawaii.

Kai Barger, Outer Island. Photo: Epes Sargent
I’ve surfed this wave and trust me; it’s the heaviest, sharkiest, scariest, and most remote death-pit-hell-slab ever! Those fear factors did little to scare off Maui’s Kai Barger though; the kid had a huge 2009! Hey is that weed growing on the cliff behind him?

Mitch Coleborn, Gold Coast.

Mitch Coleborn, Surfer’s Paradise. Photo: Damea Dorsey
One of the more unique covers we picked this year was Mitch Coleborn soaring above the Surfer’s Paradise, Gold Coast of Australia skyline. This photo proves that average waves can make for great images; it just takes some creativity on the photogs part and one hell of a surfer.

Wade Goodall, Teahupo‘o.

Wade Goodall, Teahupo‘o. Photo: Tim Jones
Wade Goodall isn’t your ordinary human being and this isn’t your ordinary Teahupo‘o shot. Kinda almondy and not that big for Chopes, but I’m stoked for Wade; he’d paddled way up the reef to escape the crowd and scored the minty shot.

Jordy Smith, Mentawais.

Jordy Smith, Mentawais. Photo: Brian Bielmann
The rodeo flip heard around the world. This past summer, Red Bull organized a trip to the Mentawais aboard the massive Indies Trader IV and our main man Brian Bielmann got on board. We weren’t sure if running a cover that everyone had already seen via the Web was a good idea but in hindsight it was a no brainer. This photo was later blown up to fill an entire room at O’Neill Headquarters in Irvine.

Bruce Irons, Indonesia.

Bruce Irons, Indonesia. Photo: Damea Dorsey
A week before this photo was snapped at an unknown spot in Indo, Bruce was in the TransWorld SURF office asking to be put on a trip. One thing let to another and the next day Bruce was jetting off to meet Rizal Tanjung and crew for a super secret strike mission. How’s the “Nudity, Puking, Ripping” Cali Rally cover blurb? I wonder how many people bought the mag just because of that…

CJ Hobgood, Sebastian Inlet

CJ Hobgood, Sebastian Inlet. Photo: Pete Hodgson
The most recent cover of TransWorld SURF features CJ Hobgood blasting off in Hurricane Bill generated surf at Florida’s legendary Sebastian Inlet. One thing we loved about it was how the kid behind the wave is watching (what we’re assuming is one of his heroes) CJ in awe. I guess this kid could say he got the cover too…

So, which was your favorite? Which did you hate? Remember, best comment wins a goody bag from Sticky Bumps!