2009 ESA Champions Crowned—Rupp And Lineback Repeat

While Atlantic Northeast winds howled overnight on Friday and throughout the day on Saturday, the cloudy Outer Banks’ skies were vaguely reminiscent of 2008’s ESA Easterns. Especially since the two most coveted titles of Easterns—Junior Mens and Junior Womens—were successfully defended by their 2008 champions.

North Carolina good ol’ boy Nick Rupp is emblematic of the ESA’s approach of cultivating talented groms into East Coast champions. “This is one of the most prestigious titles on the East Coast and I’m really happy to win it, especially two times,” the repeat champ stated. “I remember looking up to Eric Taylor, Zach Humphreys, Rob Kelly, and all the kids who have won it before and wanting to do just as good as them.”

Coming into this year’s Easterns Nick was easily the favorite to repeat, but a cockiness about this never once came out during the week. His backhand attack on the final day exuded just the right amount of confidence needed to be a two-time East Coast champ. His Brunswick County-bred Southern accented victory speech did even more to prove that he is the definition of an East Coast champion. And for being this, he was also named the 2010 Allstar team captain. “Pat gave me the responsibility to help the younger kids and teach them about contests. I’m really looking forward to that.”

The other repeater this year was Keenan Lineback. There’s not a girl her age on the East Coast who is more precise in her ability to win a heat. In a stacked final with stormy lefts running down the beach, Keenan didn’t catch a wave till about halfway through the heat. But it did not hinder her pursuit of defending—she merely took advantage of a walled left when it came her way and grabbed a stranglehold from then on out.

Owen Moffett, also a Carolinian, took himself the desirable Open Shortboard title this year. His heat was a bit different then those finals on Saturday though, as Open Shortboard finishes earlier in the week but holds off on the announcement of the results until the end of the week. He snagged a big title though either way and got something he has worked hard for his entire ESA career.

And finally, another Carolinian whose young ESA career has been fruitful to date, took the Boys title home. Cam Richards’ surfing is polished, well executed, and got better with every heat throughout the entire week. Though his fellow finalist Corey Howell gave him a decent run for the title. After Saturday’s teeing off final, it’s obvious that these two will be battling it out for East Coast titles for years to come, ultimately making each one better.

These four champions showed that the Carolinas are a gigantic force to be reckoned with in the ESA. East Coast champions are made on days like Saturday when dealing with adversity can potentially ruin game plans. Being flexible when thrown nasty storm surf after almost a week of clean, fun surf and then taking charge is what each of the 2009 ESA Easterns champs did. And with repeats in the two biggest divisions, it’s no surprise that Nick Rupp and Keenan Lineback have learned a thing or two about how to become and continue to be an East Coast champion.—Ryan Brower

TransWorld SURF would like to thank the Eastern Surfing Association and all involved for putting on another incredible week of Easterns and for the Outer Banks once again providing us with good ol’ times. Stay tuned to transworldsurf.com for more on the 2010 Allstar team and check out SurfESA.org for more info.

Ages: M/F, 11 and Under

1. Luke Gordon NSC-1
2. Luke Marks CFL-1
3. Stevie Pitman NSC-2
4. Jesse Gregory NFL-3

Ages: 12-14

1. Cam Richards NSC-1+AS
2. Corey Howell CFL-1+AS
3. Nathan Behl TCFL-1
4. Jake McGuire NFL-1

Junior Mens
Ages: 15-17

1. Nick Rupp SNC+AS
2. Christian Miller PBFL-2+AS
3. Hector Santamaria PRC-2
4. Dylan Kowalski SNC-3+AS

Ages: 18-24

1. David Holloway NFL
2. Juan Carlos Gerena PRC-
3. Jeffrey Barden TCFL-4
4. Bryce Humphrey VA-1

Ages: 25-34

1. Jeff Anthony NY-1
2. Shawn Clark NSC
3. Jesse McCrery SNC-1
4. David Mansor SNJ-1

Senior Mens
Ages: 35-44

1. Jason Motes NFL-1+AS
2. Pat Emery CNJ-1
3. Daniel Sacchi SNC-1
4. Rodrigo Miranda SAFL

Ages: 45-54

1. Jesse Fernandez OBNC-4
2. Mitch Kaufmann NFL-2
3. Bill Whatley NCFL-6
4. Joe Grottola SNJ-1

Ages: 55-64

1. Bill Willem CNJ-1
2. David Sledge CNC-2+SA
3. Bobby Holland VA-1+AS
4. Tom Leonik SNJ-1

Grand Legends
Ages: M/F, 65 and Over

1. Paul Eaton CFL-1
2. Bryant Hungerford DMV-1
3. Tom McClaren SNJ-1
4. Kitty Pechet SNE-1
5. Chum McCranels PBFL-1

Ages: 14 and Under

1. Nikki Viesins CFL-1+AS
2. Darsha Pigford SNC-1
3. Emily Ruppert CFL-2
4. Ciera Cunningham NFL-1

Junior Womens
Ages: 15-17

1. Keenan Lineback NSC
2. Jasset Umbel TCFL-3
3. Savannah Bradley CFL-1+AS
4. Kayla Durden NFL-3

Ages: 18-29

1. Mallory Turner NFL
2. Maria Kuzmovich NCFL-2
3. Jessie Carnes NFL-3+AS
4. Teale Bechenbach NFL-4

Ages: 30 and Over

1. Mindy Fitzpatrick CNC-1+AS
2. Ana Barend SNE-1+AS
3. Kate Whatley NCFL-1
4. Terry Green NSC-1

Menehune Longboard
Ages: M/F, 14 and Under

1. Patrick Nichols PBFL-1
2. Daniel Glenn CNC-1
3. Sam Duggan CFL-2
4. Steven McLean CFL-1

Junior Longboard
Ages: 15-17

1. Tommy Evans CFL-1
2. Bradley Rose SNC-1
3. Michael Agnew VA-1
4. Zach Tomlinson SNJ-2

Mens Longboard
Ages: 18-29

1. Ty Miller NFL-1
2. Chris Makibbin DMV-1
3. Kevin DeWald SNJ-5
4. Thomas Capps CNC-3

Masters Longboard
Ages: 30-49

1. Kai Dilling SSC-1
2. Jason Motes NFL-2
3. Scott Holmes NFL-4
4. Mitch Kaufmann NFL-3

Legends Longboard
Ages: 50 and Over

1. Jesse Fernandez OBNC-4
2. Bill Whatley NCFL-3
3. Rick Anson SSC-2
4. David Sledge CNC-2

Womens Longboard
Ages: 29 and Under

1. Kate Easton VA-2
2. Mallory Turner NFL-1
3. Chelsea Gresham NFL+AS
4. Chandler VonCannon SNC-1

Ladies Longboard
Ages: 30 and Over

1. Jo Pickett SNC-2
2. Ana Barend SNE-1
3. Beth Schub CNC-2
4. Nathalie Glenn CNC-3

Menehune Bodyboard
Ages: M/F, 14 and Under

1. Zach Greaser SNJ-1
2. Morgan Taylor Leavel OBNC-2
3. Cyrus Lewis OBNC-3

Open Bodyboard
Ages: M/F, All Ages

1. Jorge Colomer PRC
2. John Heyman NY-1
3. Matt Landon DMV-1
4. Morgan Taylor Leavel OBNC-3

Open Shortboard
Ages: M/F, All Ages

1. Owen Moffett SNC-1
2. Alex Fawess NY-5
3. Jose Tavares PRC-5
4. Evan Barton SNC-3

ESA All-Star Tag Team
Ages: M/F, All Ages

1. SNC
3. SNJ
5. CFL

East Cost Hall of Fame
Ages: Invitational M/F, All Ages

1. Peter Pan SNE
2. Chummer McCraniels PBFL
nick rupp