Top 10 Photos From The 2009 Hurley US Open Of Surfing

Hurley US Open Of Surfing Brett Simpson

1. Simpo Gets The Hometown Crowd Pumped. Photo:

If there was one moment that defined everything awesome about the 2009 Hurley US Open Of Surfing it was HB’s own Brett Simpson jogging down the beach just before the final against Mick Fanning and getting his crowd pumped up. Instead of putting his head down and concentrating on the task at hand, he turned to the massive, pro-Simpo crowd and got them into a frenzy the likes before never before seen, well, okay, maybe the infamous OP Pro riot was more frenzied, but this was a positive frenzy that propelled Brett into the biggest victory of his career. Congratulations Brett, way to do it for the USA!

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