“Odd” Current Pulls Scuba Divers Into The Depths Of Ocean

To me, being pulled deeper and deeper into the submarine canyon offshore of La Jolla would rate as a terrifying experience…

As reported on www3.signonsandiego.com

Seven divers were suddenly swept into deeper ocean water while diving off La Jolla Shores Wednesday morning in what lifeguards are calling an unexplained ocean-current phenomenon.

The divers, who were in three groups, with a diving instructor among them, were sucked from about 30 feet below the surface to below 60 feet by the strange current around 7:30 a.m., said San Diego fire department spokesman Maurice Luque.

Luque said they were diving near underwater cliffs on the edge of the La Jolla Canyon, about a quarter-mile off the coast, when they were unexpectedly pulled into deeper water.

“They were diving near some cliffs and they had to hang on to the cliffs to keep from being swept further down,” Luque said. “It lasted about 11 minutes.”

The divers were all able to free themselves and make it out of the water without help from lifeguards.