Five Reasons To Get Psyched For This Year’s Cali Rally

TransWorld SURF Cali Rally

1. Dudes In Speedos! Is there really anything more fun and funny than wearing a Speedo in a public place? The answer is, no.

2. New Challenges. We’ve got hundreds of crazy new ways for our teams to get hurt and embarrass themselves!

3. New Teams. With three new teams to choose from, you can be sure one of your favorite surfers will be representing.

4. Nudity. Hopefully it won’t be all male nudity again this year, but with the addition of Australian nudist/pro surfer Paul Fisher from the Reef team, you can bet there will be lots of twigs and berries.

5. It’s The Cali Rally! Summer is not summer without the grossest, funnest, sluttiest, and most ridiculous road trip ever! Stay tuned—all the madness begins July 6!