Dispatch 5: Easter Island Trip With Freddy P And Crew

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We can't figure out why everyone's trunking it except Moody...maybe he's over the urchins? Photo: Noyle/SPL

Monday June 22

It’s been a few days now without any waves. We hoped that our sacrificial night on the “town” would bless us with a jump in the swell but instead we woke up hungover to relentless wind and rain and not a surfable wave in sight. Needless to say, after being trapped indoors for a good 36 hours we needed a bit of fresh air so we spent the day checking out the Moai quarry at Rano Raraku. The ancient Rapa Nui people would carve the giant Moai out of the cliff face of this giant crater and then transported them to their final locations along the shoreline at various locations around the island. At Rano Raraku, there are dozens of Moai in various stages of completion scattered around the site. We spent the afternoon wandering around these stone giants playing tourist…enjoy da pics.—Andrew Oliver/insurfnews.com

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

You may be wondering, where the hell are the video updates. Well, we have them. But, the internet is a slow as molasses. I could probably mail you a DVD before I was able to upload a video to the site. So, were gonna keep coming with the slide shows and updates and as soon as we get back to the mainland we’ll reel out the videos. Believe me they will be worth the wait. There has been some classic shit going down.

Anyway, it has been pissing rain since we woke up, so what better time to post an update. The waves have been small but fun waves in the main town of Hanga Roa for the last couple of days. We made friends with a few of the local guys. They couldn’t be any friendlier. And now, every time we head out for a surf they send out word on the coconut wireless to have all their friends come down and watch the pros from Hawaii. We have a pretty solid entourage, especially when we surf the waves in front of the harbor in plain sight of the town. It’s been a pretty cool experience.

Aside from surfing, there has been a critical level of shit-talking going down. This is something no surf trip is immune to. But, being that we have all known one another since we were kids, and we all pride ourselves in our shit-talking abilities, so it has been really intense. There is no good reason to repeat all the shit that’s been said over the last four days, but It’s safe to say that our insults have generally fallen into these basic categories.

I’m fat and grumpy, Freddy P is going bald, Moody is super amazing, body of a Greek god full head of hair, sensitive and caring young scholar, Marcus is a pissed-off drunk moke, and Merle is a tight-wad snapcase. Oh, and Zak Noyle our photographer from TransWorld SURF is the fucking man and has an awesome haircut so we don’t talk shit about him.

So, imagine these insults dealt out in about a million different variations, 24/7, and you’ll be able to recreate our trip.

While been surfing and shit-talking our days away we’ve been generally keeping it pretty mellow at night. A couple beers and pizzas from this epic little restaurant we found has been the basic agenda. That was until Thursday night rolled around. Like most places, Thursday night is the night to party. We mentioned our new friends Ze Germans in our last post. Well, last night just happened to be their last night on the island. So, we had double the reason to go big last night.

After a couple of days in the same guesthouse, Ze Germans figured out our vibe and they fit right in to the crew. They we’re great sports and put up with a lot of heckling. But, it was great to have them around for the comic relief. Their accents we’re hilarious and we actually got them to host a webisode for the site. Definitely stay tuned for that.

Other than the first day, the waves haven’t been that great but we have been having an amazing time. There is swell on the way and I’m sure more antics are in store so keep checking in on the Rapa Nui Assault.—Andrew Oliver/insurfnews.com

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