Fantasy Action Sports League: Win Cash Money Just Like The Pros!

Guys like Kelly and Parko win money, why shouldn’t you?

Fantasy Action Sports League

The fine gentlemen here at Transworld SURF would never condone gambling…yeah right! Who are we kidding? Of course we do! We’ll roll dice or play poker anywhere, anytime, with anyone. So, with that being said, we’ve got a new vice to add to our growing list of fun problems—The Fantasy Action Sports League is our new addiction, and we’re gonna go ahead and say that we’re hooked—and we like it.

It differs from the other “fantasy” surf games for a few reasons, the main one being that you can actually win cash money (up to 30,000 g’s!) when you go the pay-to-play route, and prizes from cool companies like Billabong if you play the free version of the league.

I usually hate signing up for these things because I have severe ADD and a fear of putting my personal info on the Web, but with this thing, I actually had fun. I attempted to play Fantasy Surfer a few years ago but I got confused and quit halfway through the sign up process—maybe I’m just an internet-idiot. Either way, with the lure of cash money dragging me in, I signed up, picked my team, and I will soon be rich by way of my team, aptly named “Chris Cote Is A Kook” winning the whole tour.

Playing is easy: You get a budget of 2 million virtual dollars for each ASP World Tour event to spend on buying surfers for your team. The better your team does in the event, the more points you get, and the more money you can possibly win. The price of surfers goes up and down depending on how hot they are at the moment. For example, the Brazil comp is coming up so I bought Adriano De Souza as my top pick for 45 million bucks. When I started running out of money, I bought Nathaniel Curran for the bargain price of 5 million dollars—which is a steal because I think he’s going to do well in Brazil.

Basically, I love to gamble, and when I get to gamble on things like surfing and skateboarding, I get stoked. Try out the latest and greatest action sports fantasy league at —Chris Cote

Beware TWS Online Editor Justin Cote’s team, the “Leucadia Killers”