East Coast All Stars Raid Panama

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No matter where you go on a trip, the footy check at the end of the day is always a hit...unless you were bogging that day. Photo: Stafford/SPL

A hell crew of Michael Dunphy, Brian Toth, Asher Nolan, Zander Morton, Alek Parker, Shea Lopez, Cory Lopez, Sam Hammer, Mike Gleason, Brendan Buckley, Dylan Graves, and Ben Bourgeois pillage Panama. We can’t believe someone rented them a boat! Anyway, here’s some outtakes from what looks like the funnest trip ever…as long as you could decipher all them funny accents! Check the video below for more of the East Coast Panamaniacs in action…

East Coast All Stars Panama Trip

With this crew, no beer or barrel is safe…Photo: Stafford/SPL