Taj Burrow’s Management Sued By Creatures Of Leisure

Now I don’t speak no legalese, but it appears there’s trouble on Taj Burrow’s sponsorship front. Don’t quote me, but I think Taj’s people tried to get out of the contract and Creatures didn’t let that happen—which leads us to this shitstorm. Meanwhile, Taj is doing quite well this year and currently sits in the #3 slot. He also just hit the $1 million point in career earnings.

Taj Burrow

I see Globe, Billabong, Firewire, and VZ but no Creatures of Leisure…Photo: Josh Humbert

As reported on www.thewest.com.au:

The company that manages sponsorship for world champion surfer Taj Burrow is being sued for allegedly failing to comply with the terms of their deal.

Dunsborough surfing accessory company Great Waves Pty Ltd, which trades as “Creatures of Leisure”, has issued a Supreme Court writ against TB Endorsements Pty Ltd, which manages sponsorship for Burrow.

Great Waves says it manufactures and distributes surfing accessories such as deck grips and surf leashes and, as part of its marketing, sponsors high-profile surfers including Burrow. It claims it has had a written sponsorship agreement with Burrow since August 2005 which expires in February next year.

The writ alleges Great Waves paid $50,000 to TB Endorsements for year four of the agreement from March 2009 to February 2010 in return for Burrow using only the company’s surf leashes and deck grips and for him displaying in a prominent position on the top and bottom of his surfboard the company’s Creatures of Leisure logo.

It alleges Great Waves has the first right to use photographs of Burrow in advertising and promotions and first right of refusal to meet any proposed agreement from any other surfing accessory company for sponsorship when the agreement terminates on February 28.

In a letter dated May 6, 2009, TB Endorsements revealed an intention to no longer perform its obligations under the sponsorship agreement but Great Waves has not accepted that purported repudiation.