New Teahupo‘o Spot “Saran Wraps” Clip

The first wave is Michel Bourez and the second Heiarii Williams. You like that “Oh shit!” moment?

Let me start by saying I’m no Taylor Steele…that said, here’s a few waves of the “new” spot down the reef from Teahupo‘o proper that I shot from my friend Josh Humbert’s little dinghy. While the waves don’t look that big on the video, mind you there’s no channel where were idling and there were some 6-foot sets coming in every now and then. The scariest part was, after I shot some video, Josh made me drive the dinghy, even after I plead in the clip “I don’t wanna drive, dude!” and had never driven a boat in the surf. We pulled it, but just barely. Mark my words, people shooting from the channel in a boat or a ski there will get worked sooner rather than later…

Anyway, the wave is called “Saran Wraps” and was coined by Bruce Irons last year after he noticed how clear the water was, even clearer than Teahupo‘o because there’s no pass in the reef. And just to toot our own horn, we ran several spreads (photographed by the same guy in the video, Hilton Dawe, who left some skin on the reef) of Saran Wraps in the Tahiti Awards issue last year. TransWorld SURF, one step ahead as usual!

Heiarii Williams

Local Tahitian ripper Heiarii Williams at “Saran Wraps”.