Pat O’Connell’s Drive-Thru Update: Take 2

Well, we’re on the East Coast now and I’m writing this from a hotel room overlooking the Superbank…in between vomiting. I don’t think the swine flu has reached Australia yet, but something got me this morning at breakfast and I’ve pretty much been bedridden the entire day. But that’s what happens on these Drive-Thru trips. With twelve people cramped in a motor home, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable.

Andy Irons

The glamorous life of a professional surfer…Andy Irons lights out on the floor of a random airport.

At least we finally got waves in West Oz. Some rip bowl right, about four to five feet, and no one on it. We must have surfed four or five hours that session.


“Ahh mate you shoulda been here yesterday!” The Superbank.

On these Drive Thru trips, you pretty much have to luck into waves. You can’t exactly do an overnight strike mission with 12 dudes in a motor home. But that’s not what these things are about anyway. So it stings when we hear how good the East Coast has been while we were on the other side of the continent. You get a little twitch of irritation when you hear about a resurrected Kirra and a banner day at Ours. But it doesn’t make or break the trip. Drive Thrus are supposed to be random. We get what we get.

Drive Thru Australia

Way out west on the Drive Thru…

And for the most part, everyone remains in good spirits. Occy’s like a cartoon character, inspiring kids wherever he goes. Shane, Benji, and Donavon all keeping us laughing while Andy made a detour on us for a day and snuck off with Parko somewhere, but I’m sure he’ll return soon, recharged from a surf at some secret spot.

And me, I’m just looking forward to getting out of this bed and back into the water. Anyone know the remedy for swine flu?—Pat O’Connell