Future Fins Introduces The “Fin Tree” Point Of Purchase Stand

Future Fins Fin Tree

Future Fins’ “Fin  Tree” setup allows you to get a little closer to your fin of choice…

Future Fins Introduces An Industry First: The “Fin Tree”

Why We Made It?
Fins are a very misunderstood yet absolutely vital component in surfing equipment. We want to educate surfers so they can make confident purchases knowing they will get the most out of their fins.

We want to add focus and bring attention to the Futures line. Now for the first time surfers can hold the fins, flex them, feel how light they are, and even learn about them with out having to ask shop staff for assistance.

Where To Use It?
The Fin Tree can be used anywhere surfboards are sold; 1 board or 100 boards.

Our vision is to see a Fin Tree next to every surfboard rack so the customer has a choice of fins to match the board they currently ride or intend to buy.

How does the Fin Tree work?
Our fins are displayed outside the normal packaging, and secured by a thin wire looped in the lightweight Truss Tang. Each set of fins comes with a description card that gives the customer the name, height, base, area, foil, and material. The cards also guide surfers by displaying recommended rider weight, fin performance characteristics, and ideal waves types.

Surfers can enjoy a hands-on look, touch, feel, the Futures experience. This helps increase the comfort level of choosing a fin for the surfer.

The Fin Tree was introduced recently at the two U.S. trade shows, and proved to be a big hit. Said Futures world elite free surfer Ry Craike, “Every time I walked by the Futures booth, there was a crowd around those trees, I could not even get thru these guys to look at my own fins!”

Test Drive Center
Along with being a hands-on knowledge center the Fin Tree is also the Test Drive Center,
The fin tree makes it easy for anyone to visualize what fins they should be riding.
Surfers will have access to our fin lineup so they can try before they buy.
Ask your local shop to test ride a set of Future Fins.

Learn more at www.futuresfins.com