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If you’re going to Bali on spring break, you could probably care less about beach parties and mai tais. You want waves, first and foremost, as does anyone who takes a trip to Indo. But part of Bali’s beauty is that there are a plethora of options—and you’re not trapped on a boat. From the endless reeling lefts of Uluwatu (a goofyfooter’s wet dream with liquid skate ramps, draining tubes, and quarter mile long rides) to the perilous peaks of Padang (also known as the Balinese Pipeline) to the markets, bizarres, and clubs of Kuta, on this small Indian Ocean isle. The other alluring parts include the unique and eclectic culture, friendly locals, robust natural landscapes and abundant indigenous wildlife. And it’s all within reach by car, bicycle, or scooter. Many describe visiting Bali as a spiritual experience—there are many ancient temples and Hindu shrines—so amidst the Bintangs and barrels, you might even find a bit of clarity and rejuvenation to take back home with you—in lieu of empty regrets and foggy memories. Namaste.

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Go to Bali in spring you'll no doubt find waves like this - but don't expect to do turns like this; leave that to Jamie O'Brien. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Cost: Los Angeles-Depensar: $1,200; New York-Depensar: $1700
Wave Consistency: Dreamlike.
Spots: Ulu’s, Keramas, Padang, G-Land by boat.
Boards: Regular shortboards and step-ups.
Localism: Mellow, with thick crowds at marquee spots.
Danger: Mosquito born illness, earthquakes, isolated incidents of terrorist activity.
Lodging: Bargain—$15 a night and up.
Party Scene: Kuta or bust.

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