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First things first: it’s always spring break on the Gold Coast. During any given week, on this sun-drenched, idyllic outpost, it’ll make Cancun look like Akron, Ohio. Legendary stories of all night casino benders and pummeling pub-crawls abound. The only thing people on the Goldie are more passionate about than partying is surfing. From world famous spots like Snapper Rocks, D-Bah, and Kirra, to the literally hundreds of lower key but equally enticing spots within an hour’s drive, the nearby city was named appropriately as Surfer’s Paradise. There’s a reason why the window for the Quik Pro Gold Coast, also the opening event for the ASP World Tour, is slated around this time as well. And actually going to Australia in spring isn’t officially spring break at all. Seasons are reversed so it’s Australian fall—and as we know, autumn is prime time anywhere. If you can skip out on spring’s fickle, indecisive nature and go right for the pay dirt, why not do it? That is, if you can deal with the airfare, the jet lag, and the two week hangover to follow.

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The flight to Oz is a bit long, but take notes from Josh Kerr on how to make the most of your time in the air. Photo: Bosko

Get there: Los Angeles-Queensland: $800 with Quantas
Wave Consistency: Very consistent, and potentially windy at times.
Spots: Snapper Rocks, D-Bah, Kirra, and Byron Bay a short drive away.
Boards: Favorite shortboard, step up.
Localism: They probably won’t beat you up but good luck getting a wave from any of the Coolangatta kids.
Danger: The biggest threat on the Gold Coast is probably getting run over by another surfer in the water at Snapper.
Lodging: Hostels ($20), hotels ($75+), and houses—they’re all available.
Party Scene: Pace yourself or you might need a liver transplant afterward.

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