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There are a couple things to know about Puerto Rico before you head there on Spring Break: 1) it’s not the most consistent surf season for the island and 2) it’s not frat party central. But just like the folks who reap the rewards of late season Oahu (PR is routinely referred to as Right Coast’s answer to Da Rock), there are similar treasures to be found on this Caribbean counterpart. Following winter’s big wave bravado, spring offers a mellower alternative. And with the thinned out crowds, miles of world class reefs spots, and the remains of winter swells (and maybe even an early start to the tropics—you never know) you’re bound to score some solid sessions. Of course, Rincon is the go-to destination (from shreddable peaks at Domes to the widow makers at Tres Palmas), but there are choice spots around the entire island depending on the conditions and how enterprising you are. In addition, you’ll dig the Latin flavor; in place of trashy club scenes and gross buffet lines of other locales, you’ll find rich culture and history in Old San Juan, wild nightlife, and gourmet cuisine. For East Coasters, it’s an easy two-and-a-half-hour flight. So practice your tube stance and salsa dance moves.

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Carlos Cabrero. Photo: J. Wilson

Get there: Orlando-San Juan: $210
Wave Consistency: March is the tail end of PR’s consistent (and often fickle) surf season—but sometimes the best is saved for last.
Spots: Domes, Aguadilla, Wishing Wells.
Boards: Regular shortboard—unless a late season nor’easter swings through and then you’ll want something beefier.
Localism: Machismo and bravado are engrained in the Puerto Rican culture, so show respect.
Danger: Sharp reefs, petty crime, aggressive body boarders.
Lodging: Affordable. A room in a hostel will run around $25-30, and from there the accommodations options extend to 5-star hotels and resorts and everywhere in between.
Party Scene: Asi asi.

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