The Down Under Diaries

Tuesday March 3

Timmy Reyes dropped into the New Era/TransWorld SURF lounge (video above) for a quick chat after we spotted him on his way to lunch. We do the Cote’s Cube interviews on the balcony of the 5th floor, better views, less hooligans, and you can’t hear Roy Powers’ now-patented e-brake slides he does every time he drives by.

6PM Just took the SUP out to the so called “shark nets” in front of Snapper Rocks and uh, I got news for ya’ll—there ain’t no nets there! They’re about 1 kilometer out to sea and only marked by yellow buoys that float on the surface and are separated by about 100 yards. When I got out there, I put my head underwater to see the nets and lo and behold, there was only a line of rope. Apparently the nets are staggered in depth—basically located here and there and completely useless if a shark has even half a brain. Speaking of half a brain, why exactly did I paddle out there at the dusk feeding time?

2009 ASP Women’s Tour Rookies Coco Ho and Alana Blanchard drop by the TransWorld SURF/New Era lounge for a quick episode of the infamous Cote’s Cube. With the addition of these two and some the other ripping rookies, there’s more energy and excitement than ever for women’s surfing!

Joel Parkinson\'s Boat

The little pier behind Parko’s house with his not-so-little boat. Life is good for this man! Photo: Chris Cote

Joel Parkinson

So that’s how Parko got so ripped out! Photo: Chris Cote

Joel Parkinson Billabong Signing

Brendan “Margo” Margieson mans the grill at the little Billabong company BBQ. What, no shrimp on the barbie? Photo: Chris Cote

Joel Parkinson Billabong Store Signing

Parko makes another fan at an informal Billabong team signing. Photo: Chris Cote

1PM No contest today as the waves are really small at Snapper and the backup spot, Duranbah. We’re getting down to business today, filming interviews with Coco Ho, Alana Blanchard, and Timmy Reyes. To compliment the small surf, Craig “Scat” Pitchers from JS Industries brought us a 10′ Stand Up Paddle board to cruise on. As long as we’re far away from any of the runaway water patrol jet skis, we should be okay and it’s really fun to actually catch a bunch of waves out at Snapper. Revenge is a SUP at Snapper! Chris just did an interview with Parko and came back saying that he’s a very interesting human and claims his main interest right now (besides surfing of course) is reading peoples’s facial expressions. Weird eh?


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