The Down Under Diaries

Friday March 6

Electric’s Matt Hoy storms the stage for his skewed version of TNT…

Electric Party Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Angus and the boys from the ACDC cover band…these guys ripped!

Jake Duncombe Electric Party Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Jake and Coke…the recipe for a hell time!

9AM So much for the dawn patrol after “getting on the piss” pretty good last night at the Electric bash…Last year the bros at Electric had a party for Jay Davies’ birthday, this year it was held in honor of master skater Jake Duncombe who turned 21 yesterday. Speaking of skaters, I ran into my old neighbor Matt Mumford there, he’s about as Aussie as they comeā€”full of fun and not afraid to get loose. Good to see you Mumford! Electric hired an ACDC cove band and I don’t know if it was the beers or the massive speaker I was standing next to but I thought they sounded good. I’ll take an ACDC cover band over some poofter from Hollywood anyday…Oy!


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