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Sunday March 8

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Brazilian chicks are awesome...until they're manly voices come into play.

While physically not there, my mind (and body clock) is still on the Goldy so we’re not gonna quit now! Anyway, just got caught up with the photo gallery (above) from Sunday’s action where we saw Stephanie Gilmore defeat Oahu’s Melanie Bartels to win the Roxy Pro. Stephanie is surfing light years ahead of the other girls on tour and another World Title seems like a lock even at this early point in the tour. As for Melanie, I’m really stoked for her. After a couple up and down years and losing a major sponsor, she got it together and has been ripping hard (and up to her potential) since last season. Stoked for Coco and Paige Hareb too as it looks like the women’s rookie class of 2009 is all they were hyped up to be.

As for Kelly losing to Julian Wilson, all I can say is that Ace Buchan was spot on in his Cote’s Cube interview when he said the only way to beat Slater was if he continued to ride those super small boards that he shaped himself. My guess is that Kelly will continue to ride the boards he shaped all year…a little birdy told me that Al Merrick put him up to the challenge to see if he can win a world title on equipment he crafted.

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Bronzing Beauty

You gotta love chicks who show up to sporting events wearing next to nothing…I imagine her photo is plastered all over the internet by now.


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