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Tuesday Feb 24

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One of the nicest and well-liked guys in pro surfing—Bede Durbidge. Who says nice guys finish last? Photo: Spencer/Stryker

4pm We cruised back to Duranbah to check out Mick Fanning and the good guys (Ace, Parko, Dayan, Kai Otts, Kieren Perrow, Luke Egan, the Hobgoods, Timmy Reyes, etc) of the WCT as they paddled out with over 100 kids from up and down the Goldy as a way to give back to the sport that has given them so much. Read the write up HERE.

11:30am: Round two at D-Bah. More sun, more pros, and a Slater spotting. The 9-Time World Champ rocked up with five girls, including his girlfriend, right as I was leaving. I saw him get a wave on the walk up the hill and do an amazing under the lip snap. Kelly showing up early to an event? Nobody would’ve guessed that…PS It looks like Mick Fanning is having some equipment issues—I just saw him throw a brand new stick in the trash in disgust.

Kelly Slater Duranbah Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Hopefully he’s got some sunscreen on that dome…

9am: Surfed D-Bah again this morning from 5:30-6:30, yep, packed even that early. Didn’t get run over again, so that’s a good thing. Sounds like Fanning and some crew are going to teach some local groms the ins and outs of ripping later today so we’ll make sure to get some photos of that. Another absolutely beautiful day down here. Hung out with Chris “Davo” Davidson yesterday arvo at the Snapper Pub—that guy is classic! He was so amped for the contest to started he put his fingers onto his head and imitated a bull in the pen snorting and stomping. No half turns for this madman…my new favorite ‘CT’er, go Davo!—JC


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