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Thursday Feb 26

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Gold Coast legend Luke Egan. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

We’re a bit worse for wear but here’s the photo gallery (above) from an epic night!

Late Night After The ASP Banquet We have a grip of photos from the 2009 ASP Awards Banquet, but it’s late and really the wrong time to write captions about it…here’s a few to hold you over until tomorrow:

Bruna Schmitz Jeremy Flores Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Ooh lala! Hands down the hottest couple on the Gold Coast right now…misseur Jeremy Flores with his girl—Brazilian bombshell and 2009 Women’s Tour Rookie Bruna Schmitz. Photo: Justin

Dayyan Neve ASP World Tour

#19 Dayyan Neve was the most stoked out of all the pros who we gave a New Era Top 45 trading card to and told us he collected footy player cards as a kid. We even got the Arabic translation of his name right on the back of the card right…buy a copy of the new issue for you own Top 45 trading cards. Photo: Justin

Jordy Smith ASP World Tour

South African lion Jordy Smith seems to be stoked on his TransWorld SURF/New Era top 45 trading card…Photo: Justin

Bobby Martinez

Bobby Martinez was psyched on his ASP Top 45 trading card until he saw some outdated sponsors on the back of it. Lo Siento compadre…Photo: Justin

Adrian Ace Buchan Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Ace Buchan not only won (well, actually split with Adriano De Souza) the ASP’s “Most Improved” award but also got handed his TransWorld SURF/New Era ASP Top 45 Trading Card. Talk about an Ace in the hole! Photo: Justin

Kai Barger 2009 ASP World Junior Champion

Kai Barger looking like another World Champion with a Korean mama…Hines Ward from the world champion Pittsburgh Steelers! Kai brought his mom to the awards ceremony and made sure to thank her first thing when he got on stage. Photo: Justin

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Duranbah is one of the funnest, most rippable beachbreaks in the world. You paddle out next to the jetty there and a rip takes you right out the back. From there, you catch rights off "the wall" as the locals call it, and go to town. Here's me, Chris, and Steve Sherman paddling out and talking to TWS Photog Tim "The Doctor" Jones who was shooting Parko and crew. Photo: Brian Bielmann/SPL

1PM A real photographer showed up today for us…the one and only Brian Bielmann! He got to work quick kine with some groovy underwater shots and some stuff of the local boys…check it out above.

11AM Hi there web-heads! Chris Cote here, just flew into Oz and I’m psyched! I got a row of seats all to myself, slept like a baby on the flight, and got a free ride to the beach from the airport—how good is that! There were a bunch of cool people on the flight including Steve Sherman (who gave me a ride to the beach), Jason Kenworthy, PT, and Travis (see the photo below) from Channel Island Surfboards. When we landed, Travis pulled four massive boardbags off the baggage thing and put them onto a huge baggage trolley. I asked him who’s boards he brought and he gave me a laundry list of the worlds best—a few boards for Slater, two for Julian Wilson, two for Yadin Nicol, two for Dane, etc. If you figure those boards could sell in a shop for $1000 bucks, and he had 20 of them, then he was pretty much rolling $20,000 worth of surfboards through the airport!

Travis Channel Islands Surfboards

A load of Merrick’s with the names of the world’s best surfers carved into their stringers makes it’s way into Australia via the Brisbane Airport—which is definitely they way to go when flying to the Gold Coast as opposed to Sydney. And forget about flying Jet Star, they suck go with Virgin. Photo: Chris Cote

Chri Cote Steve Sherman Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

There goes the neighborhood! My little brother (and boss ironically enough) Chris Cote and the infamous photographer Steve Sherman show up to the TransWorld SURF Coolie compound well armed. We’re headed to the ASP Awards Ceremony tonight…it’s held up at Surfer’s Paradise a 30-minute drive north from Coolangatta. Surfer’s Paradise is like Vegas on the beach complete with seedy strip bars, casinos, and obnoxious drunks. We should fit right in. Did I mention I’m now sleeping with my boss/brother in the same Queen sized bed? Eww. Photo: Justin Cote


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