The Down Under Diaries

Saturday Feb 28

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Pretty cool shot with Surfer's Paradise in the background. Photo: Bielmann/SPL

Above: Photos from yesterday’s Quik and Roxy Pro trials and some other fun stuff…

Dane Reynolds Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Looks like Dane Reynolds has found a use for his “Rookie Of The Year” trophy/bowl thing. Where’s the guac Dane? Photo: Chris Cote

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Dane Reynolds Peter Mel

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast announcer Peter Mel regales TWS Photog Brian Bielmann and Dane with story after story about some pretty heavy shit that went down in Santa Cruz…check the Flea article in the new Surfer Mag for the watered down version. Photo: Chris Cote

Dane Reynolds Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Not only a world-class surfer, Dane’s got some skills with the camera too. Photo: Chris Cote

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Kelly Slater Experience

The “Kelly Slater Experience” at the event. No, you don’t get to hook up with any of his past flames but you do get to see a bunch of his winning boards, old contest jerseys, and more cool Slater memorabilia. Photo: Chris Cote

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Bones from Analog with a nice gash on the dome courtesy of a flip gone awry. His board nailed him pretty good and he blacked out underwater for s second before gathering his bearing. Photo: Chris Cote

Corey Zeims Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Corey Zeims in winning form at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Trials. Photo: Surfing Australia

5:45 AM After the wheels falling off yesterday (a perfect storm of sleep deprivation, sunstroke, and some contest watching) the Down Under Diaries are back on track! Yesterday saw 25-year old Corey Zeims from nearby Currumbin win the Quilsilver Pro Trials in sloppy, two-to-three foot surf at Snapper Rocks—which is the main contest site. What’s cool about this, actually miraculous, is that in November Zeims broke his back while surfing a big day at Backdoor on the North Shore of Oahu—the dude is lucky to be walking—so a win like that is huge for the part time pro surfer/part time construction worker. Speaking of the contest, last year they were giving away free Corona’s and suffice to say, people took advantage of that and got lit up, so much so that there’s a six-beer max in the Rainbow Bay Surf Club viewing area this year. Anyway, congrats Corey and best of luck against the big dogs! Click HERE for the ASP press release


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