Patagonia’s Tin Shed Site Goes Live On Feb 25th With All-New Content Including Videos, Pics, Stories And More

Patagonia offers the media a sneak-peek of the new Tin Shed today
Patagonia, Tin Shed
Ventura, CA (February 20, 2009)— Patagonia, the outdoor apparel company, announces today that a brand-new installment of their award-winning website, the Tin Shed, launches on February 25th, 2009. The company is offering a sneak-peek to their favorite media outlets.

The public version of the second issue of the Tin Shed will go live February 25th at:

Launched in the Fall of 2008, the Tin Shed receives all new content this February 25th. The site includes vignettes on climbing “firsts” (both past and present), surf stories from remote locales, to videos about local surf board building, to alpine chronicles from around the world and sneak-peeks into feature films produced or supported by Patagonia. The site offers a glimpse into Patagonia’s beginnings (when the whole company was based out of the Tin Shed), environmental exposes and adventures in the last wild places on earth – all brought to life in video, images and text, with the voice and vision of the players involved.

The flash-based site provides a virtual tour of the Tin Shed’s actual setting, allowing visitors to navigate throughout and click on icons that zoom to reveal a variety of stories. Those with a keen sense of virtual adventure might even discover some hidden gems affording them a discount at The “View all Stories” feature allows guests to access stories from both the Spring and Fall issues in a more apparent catalog of content. Whether an outdoor athlete or environmentalist, adventurer or film buff, there’s something for everyone inside the Tin Shed.

The Tin Shed represents the birthplace of Patagonia. Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, forged his first Chouinard Equipment pitons inside the shed, while his band of dirt-bag friends assembled ice axes or inspected ropes on the pavement outside. The Tin Shed still stands – and continues to represent all the company stands for. This small structure, that remains untouched from the 1950s, still houses Yvon’s blacksmithing equipment and now houses our stories – Patagonia’s latest dispatches from our friends and ambassadors in the wild world – in the form of videos, audio, imagery and the printed word.