Nelly’s Magic Moments: Latin Heat

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This month’s episode of Nelly’s Magic Moments Presented By Vans takes us to Central America with a frothing crew of rippers and Nelly’s crazy camera setup. Spliced together with some land angles, Nelly’s Magic Moments takes you into, over, and under the barrel! Featuring Koa Smith, Alex Smith, Austin Smith Ford, Pete Mel, Tyler Smith, Nathan Fletcher and a slew of other rippers at a Central America mysto spot…

Nelly\'s Magic Moments Latin America

Presented by Vans, Nelly’s Magic Moments is a monthly video clip that longtime TransWorld SURF Senior Photographer Dave “Nelly” Nelson shoots at the same time he’s in the water shooting stills…a complicated setup, but worth it’s weight in gold at the end of the day. Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments in the box below…

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