Derek Hynd’s New Project Mixes Classical Music With Finless Surfing

In a project entitled “Musica Surfica” renowned Australian surfer/free thinker Derek Hynd collaborates with Australian classical musician Richard Tognetti to produce a surf movie with a classical movie score. While I can appreciate the music and endless spinners on a board with no fins, they lost me with the line “It was an act of personal expression of a very deep and profound nature.” Call me unenlightened, but it sure looks to me like a bunch of dudes dicking around on weird boards. Could be a good flick to throw on if you want to take a nap, though…

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“The recent release of an independently produced Australian surf film, “Musica Surfica,” however, attempts to remedy that principle.

The film follows the collaboration of legendary surfer, writer and thinker Derek Hynd with world-renowned Australian classical musician Richard Tognetti, who is the artistic director of the Australian Chamber Orchestra and a surfer.

In 2007, the two men got together and forged the highly unorthodox idea of gathering classical musicians and surfers together for a sort of artistic symposium on rural King Island, Australia. King Island has a population of 2,000, but only about 10 of those residents surf. The assembled surfers were asked to remove their fins from their boards. The assembled musicians were asked to provide a free-form score. The result is a sharing of ideas and art forms captured in the “Musica Surfica.”

Musica Surfica

After filming was completed, the movie’s theme began to unveil itself to Sowry. “The connection Richard made was that perhaps by drawing audiences in to see surfing in a classical setting, these atypical concert-goers might become inspired to engage with classical music on a more regular basis,” he said. “And the finless surfing became an analogy for moving out of your comfort zone, to learn you need to do new things, not rehash the old. Essentially, the rewards of risk in creativity.”

The film’s creator, Mick Sowry, admits that even he didn’t completely understand the connection between classical music and surfing when he began filming.

“It was all very disorganized, but for me the opportunity was too good to miss, though I still didn’t quite get it.”