Meet South Africa’s Top Shark Spotter

South African Shark Spotter Patrick Davids has seen a lot in his days—including a massive 4.5 meter Great White behemoth they call “Charlize” after the famed South African actress. Patrolling an area he calls “The McDonalds Of The Sea” Roberts is responsible for alerting swimmers and surfers to the presence of a shark. Pretty interesting article…Click HERE for the entire article.

Patrick Davids

Cape Town, South Africa – Like a predator stalking his prey, Patrick Davids’s eyes rarely stray from the choppy green sea, and his radio is always at the ready.

While the assortment of sunbathers, swimmers, and surfers may not know his name, they know what he does and that one day they may owe him their lives.

Mr. Davids, or “Rasta” as he is better known, is a shark spotter who helped set up one of the world’s only shark-monitoring units along beaches in Cape Town, South Africa.

From a cramped beach hut, Davids has helped build up a network of full-time shark spotters on nine beaches, watching over one of the world’s most shark-infested shorelines.

Nearly seven years ago, the former alcoholic and drug addict was chased out of his Cape Town suburb by vengeful gangsters after falling into debt from his drug habits. He fled to nearby Muizenberg Beach, where he scratched out a living as a car guard.

“My parents didn’t know where I was for two years – and they couldn’t know, because the gangsters were after me,” says Davids. “I was in big trouble, and I was drinking and smoking too much. I was homeless and looking in [garbage] bins for food.”

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