ASR San Diego Trade Show Photos

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Big Island brudda Jonah Morgan with 1993 World Champion Derek Ho. Photo: Justin Cote

Yep, another ASR has come and gone, although this year’s January show was pretty mellow in both size and nightlife. No big surprise there, everyone knows the economy is laying a giant, brown egg. Don’t worry, there were all the things you’ve come to expect from a tradeshow: surfboards, clothes, surf bros, cleavage, energy drinks, MMA fighters, some cool gear, some horribly whack gear, binge drinking, and so many handshakes it wears the skin of your palm out.

Actually though, there was a lot of traffic in the halls, at least when we were there on Friday. Still, the best quote I heard was, “Flat is the new E-Cup” In other words, people are happy if they’re treading water in this market. But hey, you’re not here to listen to some marketplace summary, you want to see what was happening in the hallowed halls…—Casey Koteen