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A Fly In The Champagne: After A Decade Of Bitter Rival Status, Kelly Slater And Andy Irons Come Together And Surf Off Their Differences.

Kelly Slater Andy Irons TransWorld SURF Trip Of The Decade

An excerpt from A Fly In The Champagne authored by Sal Masekela: “Nobody was expecting this trip to happen. To get two seemingly mortal enemies to agree to sequester themselves on a tiny island with a half-dozen cameramen, a Hollywood interviewer capable of conjuring up tears during any interview, and an in-the-know magazine staff waiting with bated breath seemed like a ridiculous notion. Despite hectic schedules, preconceived notions, and the most heated rivalry in modern surf history, somehow it all came together. The end result was a ten-day purge of feelings, emotional baggage, dispelling rumors, talking it out, and a burying of the hatchet once and for all. Oh, we nearly forgot to mention that the waves were insane! … ”

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Three Time World Champion Andy Irons smacks the lip at Hideaways as Slater watches on from the channel...

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