“Shamal” Winds Brings Perfect Surf To Dubai

Perfect surf in Dubai? I believe it, but what the hell is big-wave madman Joel Fitzgerald doing there?—JC

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DUBAI // The shamal wind yesterday blew in a perfect start to the winter surfing season, with surfers rushing to replace sunbathers on the public beach next to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Joel Fitzgerald Surfing Dubai

Aussie pro surfer Joel Fitzgerald surfing Dubai during the recent Shamal winds that create good surf. Photo courtesy www.thenational.ae
“It’s pumping out there,” said Joel Fitzgerald, a former professional surfer from Sydney, Australia, whose father Terry was the 1975 Australian surfing champion.

“The beach is nice and it’s perfect for tourists to come to Dubai to surf or learn how to surf. The best beaches for surfing are all owned by the hotels. They should open them up to surfers too, because it could bring in an extra 20 per cent revenue for them.”

Kim Bowra, who has been surfing for more than 15 years, said the waves were shaping up well. “It’s windy and when the wind is up, the surf is up,” Mr Bowra said.

Scott Chambers, of Surf Dubai, said: “It’s the first proper swell of the season and it looks like it is going to be a good winter for surfing.”

The waves are expected to last until the middle of this week, with Wednesday bringing the best conditions.

“We get the swells from the north-west and it will be an onshore wind blowing in for the next four days straight,” Mr Chambers said. “On the last day the winds will drop and there should be perfect waves for surfing.”