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Kelly’s Domination

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Kelly Slater en-route to a good ol' ass kickin' over Eneko Acero for ASP World Title #9. Photo: Jack English

It’s apparent that at the age of 36 there is no slowing down for Kelly Slater. The man, if he really is human, continues to blow minds, break records, write books, and shit on the preconceived norms of aging. If you have yet to recognize Kelly as the greatest surfer of all time you’re either blind or Australian, as 2008 saw Kelly furthering his living legacy to new heights. Six wins this year, some 10 point waves sprinkled throughout, a switch barrel in Bali, and winning the Pipe Masters on one of the smallest boards ever surfed in 8-10 foot Pipeline were just a few of the things that exhibited Kelly’s sheer domination in ‘08. With 9 World Titles you can bet your ass he wants 10, no matter what kind of rumors get thrown around this winter, 10 is a nice, round number. Our guess: Kelly gets what Kelly wants, just like Kelly does in the water what only Kelly can do. Number 9 is only another notch in Kelly’s belt, and that belt is continually getting bigger and bigger.

Click HERE for an extensive review of Kelly Slater’s 9th World Title season.

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