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Parko’s Perfect Heat And Triple Crown Win

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Bruce Irons won his Round 2 heat, but was narrowly ousted in Round 3 by Tom Whitaker. After the loss Brucey said bye bye to the Tour, as he'll be pursuing other endeavors. Photo courtesy ASP Kirstin/Covered Images

Mr. Smooth, Joel Parkinson had a hell of a Hawaii season. For his first act, he scored two tens in his round three heat at the Pipe Masters to earn a perfect heat score of twenty out of twenty points. Parko’s only the second person ever to do this, Slater was the other at the finals of the 2005 Teahupo’o event (back when the top three wave scores used to be counted, Shane Beschen did it at Kirra in 1996, scoring a 30 out of 30). For an encore, Parko went on to garner enough overall points to win this year’s Vans Triple Crown title. He’d sniffed at it a few times before, coming in runner up, but managed to take the whole enchilada. Not a bad year ender for the Coolangatta kid, joining two very exclusive lists, and finishing the year rated fourth in the world.

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