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Stephanie Gilmore Dominates For 2nd Year In A Row

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Stephanie at the Reef Hawaiian Pro WQS Haleiwa event, where she was knocked out in the quarterfinals. Photo courtesy ASP Cestari/Covered Images

The end of one dynasty always marks the start of another. As six-time ASP Women’s World Tour Layne Beachley closed out her competitive career this year, after amassing a record six world titles, another young Aussie follows in her footsteps. Steph Gilmore, 20, clinched the 2008 ASP World Tour at the Roxy Pro, Sunset Beach, HI. “I had no idea this was going to happen today when I woke up this morning,” Gilmore said. “Sofia (Mulanovich) went down and then Layne (Beachley) went down and I found myself in the Final with a chance to clinch it.” In the final, Gilmore battled it out with Peru’s Silvana Lima, who led from the start. But as the waves dropped off during the heat, Gilmore found a wedging right in the fleeting minutes and dismantled it to attain an 8.50 out of a possible 10—and more importantly, the 2008 ASP Women’s World Title. The win marks Gilmore’s second World Title in her second year on tour: “two for two.” “The second one definitely feels better than the first one,” she said.

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