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Koby Abberton Arrested Twice In Hawaii

Koby Abberton Arrested

After getting into a downtown Honolulu scuffle with an off duty policeman in March, Koby served two and half days in jail after pleading guilty during his trial later in the year. Thinking he was done with his troubles, Abberton, who was once accused of obstruction of justice in a murder case his brother Jai was involved in (he killed a rapist), was kicking back in the Analog house at Log Cabins on the North Shore of Oahu when US Immigration authorities barged in to the house and took Koby away on a visa violation and locked up for a few more days before being escorted on to a Sydney-bound plane. Ever the showman with remarkable charisma, Koby gave an interview with Stab Magazine’s Sam Macintosh on the plane ride home…check it out HERE.

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