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Pratte’s Reef Dismantled

Pratte\'s Reef, artificial reef

October: Man can build a lot of impressive things. Computers, planes, skyscrapers, hot dogs… But when it comes to waves, nature is indisputably the best maker of surf breaks. Humans have yet to come close in that arena. One of the many reminders of that came in mid-October when the pieces of Pratte’s Reef (named after surf activist Tom Pratte) were forever hauled away from the dormant break Dockweiler, near Grand Avenue in El Segundo, Los Angeles. The large effort, engineered by surfer/ environmentalists with the Surfrider Foundation to bring life to the meager spot (which last saw good conditions more than a quarter century ago), was closed after nine years. An ambitious and admirable undertaking, the reef consisting of 200 giant sandbags on the ocean floor just off shore never produced the waves its creators hoped for and became an environmental concern.

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