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Kelly Wins Biggest Prize Purse In History At Boost Mobile Pro

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Heitor Alves attaining his best finish ever today, with an equal 5th. Photo: Checkwood

This had to be the most exhilarating and controversial final in the entire 2008 season; Kelly Slater vs. Taj Burrow. And while the Australian certainly brought his A-game, starting off quick with a 9 and 9.63, it ended up being a lot further than the scores show. Why you ask; well for one, Kelly and Lowers go hand-in-hand, almost as much as Kelly and Jeffrey’s Bay. And two, $75,000 was on the table for the winner, the largest prize purse ever in ASP history. With Bob Hurley coughing up that extra $45,000, did you really think Slater wasn’t going to add this little feat to his long list? Well the $45,000 addendum certainly brought the level of competition up, and maybe it’s high-time surfers started getting paid relative to what other professional athletes in this world pull in.

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