ASP’s Al Hunt Breaks Down Who’s In And Who’s Out Of 2009 World Championship Tour

ASP WQS Situation Room – Monday, November 24, 2008

COOLANGATTA, Australia (Monday, November 24, 2008) – The old saying of “highly improbable but mathematically possible”, which I tend to use quite a bit when asked about ratings, was thrown out the window at Haleiwa today as the ASP WQS cutoff hit 11,450 as the top seeds failed to advance at the Reef Hawaiian Pro in Haleiwa.

It’s what could go down in history as a “Day of Reckoning” with half of the 32 top seeds for the Reef Hawaiian Pro crashing in the Round of 64, opening up a multitude of possibilities for the ASP WQS guys to take advantage of and gain the available big points on offer. Of the 16 top seeds that did advance, only four made it to the Quarterfinals with Jihad Khodr the only one needing ASP WQS points. The others have not been doing the ’QS events at all this year.

Congratulations must go to Michel Bourez, the eventual winner of the event, jumping into second spot on the ASP WQS ratings, held in perfect Haleiwa barreling rights, but it should also go to the others that have gained so many valuable points making the Semifinals and jumping onto the Dream Tour for 2009 or putting themselves in position to qualify at Sunset. Dusty Payne, Kekoa Bacalso and Jihad Khodr all excelled at Haleiwa today.

The current WQS ratings Top 20 are:
Curran,Nathaniel USA 1 13200
Bourez,Michel PYF 2 12775
Davidson,Chris AUS 3 12525
Kling,Gabe USA 4 12476
Khodr,Jihad BRA 5 12150
Kerr,Josh AUS 6 12075
Bacalso,Kekoa HAW 7 11913
Muscroft,Nic AUS 8 11900
Boal,Tim FRA 9 11888
Pires,Tiago PRT 10 11750
Barca,Dustin HAW 11 11726
Emslie,Greg ZAF 12 11626
Courtney,Drew AUS 13 11600
Lipke,Marlon DEU 14 11450
Weare,David ZAF 14 11450
Gudauskas,Patrick USA 16 11438
MacDonald,Phillip AUS 17 11263
Bettero,Hizunome BRA 18 11125
Romao,Simao BRA 19 11000
Simpson,Brett USA 20 10838

Big movers upwards were Bourez (17th to 2nd), Khodr (20th to 5th), Bacalso (21st to 7th), Muscroft (14th to 8th) and Barca (16th to 11th).

Unfortunate ones to in the ratings are Boal 5th to 9th, Pires 6th to 10th, however both with enough points to qualify and Emslie from 8th to 12th (even with a great result at Haleiwa), Courtney 7th to 13th, Lipke and Weare 9th to 14th but still inside the Top 15, while Gudauskas, MacDonald, Bettero and Romao have all ped five spots to be just out of the Top 15. Of these, Macca has the best low score of 750 and a 17th or 25th at Sunset could see him jump back into the Top 15. Gudauskas will need a 9th or better with the others a Semifinal or better, assuming those above do not get another better result.

The women’s ASP WQS is over for 2008 with the completion of the Reef Hawaiian Women’s Pro won by Hawaii’s Carissa Moore, however the final Top 6 qualifiers are not decided due to the number of ASP Women’s World Tour double-qualifiers.

The current ratings are shown below:
1 Fitzgibbons,Sally AUS 9695
2 Woods,Rebecca AUS 8023
3 Hodge,Rosanne ZAF 7815
4 Lima,Silvana BRA 7665
5 Miley-Dyer,Jessi AUS 7520
6 Schmitz,Bruna BRA 7300
7 Hareb,Paige NZL 7285
8 Silva,Jacqueline BRA 6845
9 Blanchard,Alana HAW 6820
10 Gilmore,Stephanie AUS 6740
11 Ho,Coco HAW 6690
12 McGrath,Laurina AUS 6645
13 Bevilacqua,Claire AUS 6568
14 Hamilton,Bethany HAW 6375
15 Enever,Laura AUS 6090
16 Mason,Airini NZL 6085

The Top 6 are guaranteed in for 2009 however on the ASP Women’s World Tour these girls are double qualified as of now.

- Rebecca Woods 7th
- Silvana Lima 4th
- Jessi Miley-Dyer 10th
- Jacqueline Silva 8th.

This means that as of now assuming these girls stay in the Top 10 of the Women’s Tour that Sally, Rosanne, Bruna, Paige, Alana and Coco are the Top 6.

Should one out then Coco misses out, two out then Alana and Coco etc. Should Rosanne Hodge jump up from 13th on the Women’s Tour to the Top 10 then and the others all stay Top 10 then Laurina McGrath could become the 6th qualifier.

By the end of the Roxy Pro at Sunset, due to start in few days, we should have a better idea of who the Top 6 are, but for sure until the Billabong Pro in Maui ends we won’t know exactly. I’m sure Coco, Alana and Laurina will be watching the ASP web coverage intently.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully O’Neill and Roxy World Cup Sunset events will be completed by next Sunday and I can give you a full wrap up for the men.

Until then.

Al Hunt
ASP WQS Tour Manager

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