Kelly Slater Caught Playing Hooky!

Uncovered—The Real Reason Kelly Slater Missed Brazil…

It’s not often that the Champ gets caught in the act, but we did just that. Judging by the outfit, and look of shock and awe, this photo was taken on Halloween, and while the rest of the world tour was battling it out down in Brazil, the Champ was at a party with his girlfriend—at least that’s what we think. We’re not sure though, so we’ll let you tell us. This is the Kelly Slater Caption contest! Whoo hoo!
Kelly Slater

Give us your best caption, and win a copy of Kelly Slater’s book, Kelly Slater: For The Love, and a full TransWorld SURF set up including limited edition New Era hat, a free subscription, a limited Bad Boy tee-shirt, and a TransWorld SURF hoodie. The winner will be announced in two weeks…

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