SurfDonkey Ep 3 – Dawn Patrol

Just to prove that we can get his big ole carcass out in the early AM here is a recent dawn patrol adventure just after hurricane Kyle blew through. A little chatter, some background rambling and of course surf porn via lance the “sniper”.

Oh, did we say that we have Tom Curren in our next episode? Well we just did now. Look for three time world surf champ, Tom Curren in Dacane Surf Shop chit chatting about boards among some googly-eyed fans…like me. The surf was low locally so Yazzi scooted him away for some of secret spot shots. We also will have our first donk call submissions in that show so we’ll have to get a poll started and no, Tom didn’t do a heehaw. Damm.

The temp is dropping quick so look for some real cold water surfing soon. A little pee with your suit sir?

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The Donks