Rip Curl’s “Looks Like, Feels Like” Wetsuit Demo Tour

We caught up with the bros from Rip Curl this morning for the North San Diego (Ponto Jetty in Carlsbad) leg of the nationwide, yet grass roots, wetsuit demo. Mostly comprised of this season’s E-Bomb series, there was also a special treat to try out—the H-Bomb, which is the world’s first battery heated wetsuit. While the water wasn’t cold by any means (mid-60’s), it was a good chance to try out Rip Curl’s latest and greatest.

Held at Ponto Jetty, which is Rip Curl teamrider Taylor Knox’s local stomping grounds, Transworld SURF staffers were popping out of the woodwork to sample some new rubber. Like most of the crew, I demo’ed the E-Bomb in the small, mushy surf. Rip Curl wetties have always been on the forefront of comfort and fit, and this year’s line doesn’t disappoint—even after gorging myself into a food-induced coma last night, the suit fit perfectly. Thumbs up from this kid!

My brother, Chris, wore the H-Bomb despite the water not being anywhere near the temperature Rip Curl had in mind when constructing it. He cranked it up on the beach to the medium temperature setting and just like T Knox told him, he was “on fire” in it. Check the video and paragraph below for Chris’ comments…and to see him get swept inland due to the lagoon filling up as the tide got higher.

The “Looks Like, Feels Like” tour is heading to the East Coast soon, make sure to keep your eyes open for the dudes on the beach with a big rack of wetsuits…find the one Taylor peed in and you’ll be doing big hacks just like him!—Justin Coté

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The Transworld SURF staff fingers and pillages the rack of new suits. Photo: Checkwood

The Rip Curl H Bomb
I didn’t really know what to expect with this super-suit, and when I first picked it up, it felt a bit heavy and it seemed like the battery packs on the lower lumbar region would hinder your shredability. The suit went on like any other suit and once I was all buttoned up and zipped in, the weight of the suit was fine. On the beach, I had the suit on low heat and I could immediately feel the warmth—it was a lot like putting a heating pad in your lower back. Once I got into the water, the chill of the 65 degree water temp made the heat feel even  warmer. The suit felt great paddling, and utilizes the same Rip Curl rubber as the E3 suits—stretchy as shit basically. After a while, I wanted to see what the suit could do so I cranked it up to medium and got real warm—like a sausage in a microwave. The sun was out too, so I was by know means trying the suit out in the Arctic, but still, I was warm as hell. I wanted to push the limits of heat, so I went to high, and sweated my balls off, it was awesome!
All in all, the Rip Curl H-Bomb was like no wetsuit I’ve ever worn, a strange feeling at first, and not a necessity in SoCal, but anywhere that gets frigid—and this thing would be gold!—Chris Coté

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